Sunday, February 1, 2009

Maximus…. the Puppy!

Introduction: Meet Maximus, the magnanimous dog, now a two-year-old puppy; one of the world's gentlest creatures

Nickname: Maxo

Age: Two Years

Breed: Labrador

Personality: Bright, sweet, loving, energetic.

Likes: People attention, praises, food, AC and bitches.

Dislikes: Bathing, Phus-Phus (the tick spray), noise and stressful situations

Favorite Toy: Slingshot ball

Why am I introducing him is for the reason that he helped me let go off my dog-phobia. I used to be extremely scared of dogs, particularly the strays on the streets of the bustling Indian cities, especially once I saw one biting my friend. I always used to walk few feet from any dog with the fear of being bitten, however since I’ve met Maxo, my fear has turned into a new-found love and respect for dogs. Well, Maxo is none other than one of my friend’s dog whose place I once went for a stay.

My first ever encounter with dogs was when I was barely 5-6 years old. She was my neighbour’s sweet lil bitch; very protective of the kids at home, but scared the heck out of relatives and friends. Thus my companionship with her never grew! Moreover, none in my family and friends’ circle ever had a dog. So I have always been aloof from them.

The day I met Maxo, it was initially scary for me. I was told that he is a puppy, but as I saw this huge, big dog, I was all frightened!!! He came running towards me and I felt as if I’m gone lose my life… The laptop which I was holding simply fell down from my shoulders [Luckily it was my friend’s :) ]

The time after that was simply amazing… Maxo was friendly to me; got toys asking me to play with him! The various interactions showed that he was treated as the smallest son of the family and was pampered like anything! I understood different emotions of this loving creature and realized that though he walks vigorously, eats voraciously and enjoys life, he is extremely innocent and harmless!

I wondered how dogs can be a source of happiness in the family.. Its like having a baby in your family whom you just cant stop admiring! I learnt that as is case with children, the family upbringing also impacts the way dogs behave and I want to appreciate and recognize such families who are gracious enough to love and feed dogs.

However, a thought always tickles me, ‘If dogs are so lovable, why is the word used in a negative connotation!!


  1. I liked your last line. I am also wondering. A friend of mine has clicked the photo of his dog and it is on the screen of his mobile. He refers to him as his son. Another friend Maya calls her dogs, 'Sonu, Beta' etc. Dogs are l0vable and indeed faithful. Again, I keep wondering about your last line. I will find an answer.

  2. i love dogs...but my family wudnt let me keep one...maxo is really adorable!!! sigh...m kinda jealous of ya

  3. Hi Sania,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really adored your dashing Maximus, and no wonder he likes the opposite gender and hates phus-phus.

  4. Ahem Ahem.. Maxo is like family.. U got to love him :p

    My blog address

  5. Ah, dear Maxo. I hope he's forgiven me for not returning his 'special' feelings for me.:)

    But yeah, dogs do bring something special to a house. They make it warmer and happier and give you an additional spring in your step when you think about walking back in through the door of house.

  6. Sir, Thanks for the comments. I would definitely wait for your answer!

    Mayz, Dogs are definitely adorable. Unfortunately, my family also wont let me keep one!

    Suchitra, thanks for comments. i believe its a common trait in all the dogs!

    Sri, Ahem Ahem!! :)

    Bikkkkki, I still smile thinking about Maxo's special love for you!! Would love to meet your dog someday!!

  7. Mr.Maximus Sanzgiri did help me get rid of at least a third of my fear of dogs. And the way people shrank away from me when I was walking him (or the other way round) gave me a nice power trip too :)

    A great effort in writing blogs!!
    you have almost inspired me to start a blog of my own!!!
    n ya.. maxo is a great dog!! very lovable... except for a bit of an ANNOYING habit.. ;)

  9. Rahul, Maxo definitely gives a royal feeling once you with him! And you definitely need to meet him frequently to let go off your dog fear! Its a mutual benefit ;)

    Kaustubh, thanks a ton for your comments! Its bit of an effort to start writing a blog but trust me, you would soon enjoy it!

  10. Good to see that ur Maxo has cleared ur 'dog-ma' about dogs......its always fun to have a pet around, and eventually the pet turns up being part of the family, which even the pets realize as they grow with us!!......and the pics certainly prove he's harmless [;)]

  11.'s fantastic readin the comments by everyone...especially as Mr.Maximus Sanzgiri is an integral part of my family :)

    Now lemme try n give ull the owners perspective...before Maxo was brought into our folks were completely against getting a pet cause it was our first ever...n secondly they thought it was a passing fad and they were sure we would not be committed enough to take care of the pet once it comes into our home...but somehow me n my sis managed to convince them and finally a gorgeous and superactive Labrador was welcomed into our home!!

    The first couple of days and nights were spent in the process of knowing each other...the pup used to cry..we had no idea for wat...n all of us lost our sleep! Then came the real test...the one month old Labrador was diagnosed with a lethal disease called 'tick fever', both his kidneys had completely failed, he started bleeding through his eyes, his was wat nightmares are made of...something unimaginable...especially when the nightmare is lived by a one month old innocent pup...

    No adult dog had ever survived the third stage of this deadly disease...the one month pup stood no chance...we had given up too..everyday the pup deteriorated...eventually turning into a small frame of skin n bones....well..the bones too had given away...he couldnt even stand up on his legs....
    Our vet suggested we put him out of his misery...but before that painful father..who is a heart specialist...decided to give it one last shot...he gave the pup a dose of medicine given to renal failure patients in their last stage..a last ditch effort...

    N the rest is history....our little baby had fought the impossible...beat all odds...n now u can see him in the pics posted fact..there is a research paper written on a one month old puppy survived a lethal canine disease..smthn than no adult dog has ever survived...

    I had named him Maximus after the immortal Gladiator that Russel Crowe had depicted...never did I think in my wildest dreams that the one month old pup would really live up to his name and defeat death itself!!!
    Now ill tell u wat all of us have learnt from our beloved Maxo...

    1) No matter how bad the through playful and enjoy the challenge...never ever sulk...cause the moment u sulk...u loose hope....
    2) Dont keep any grudges against anyone...everytime u meet someone...treasure every second with that person...tomorrow may never be there..
    3) You dont have to say a lot to express yourself..ur actions and ur eyes usually give it away...
    4) A clear conscience, a faithful heart and an honest mind can empower you to beat all odds...period!

    N for the world that uses the term "dog" in a derrogatory manner...well...their jaundice eyes are not allowing them to experience the beauty of a creature that I personally believe has everything that the "god" Almighty wants us to embibe in us....
    Maxo loves u too Bebo...:)

  12. Katti.. thanks for ur comments!

    SanzgiriJi, thanks for showing the owner's perspective. Maxo is really strong and having a research paper written on him shows how bravely he survived the sickness. Hats off to you n family for making him capable of what he is today!

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  14. haha you should come and see my dog...most of your good impressions of dogs will be erased. But whatever they do, whether bite us or lick us, they are the most lovable creatures.....sometimes even more than humans. Can't imagine a day without my dog :)

    And why haven't you still got a dog? Hope to see a post on your dog soon

    P.S: Remove the word verification on your blog...its irritating :D

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