Sunday, May 30, 2010

I lost a nail !!

I was feeling pathetic for the past 2 days and wanted to share my grief with someone who could understand my concern and console me! Thought my husband would be the best option but he laughed out to glory which made me feel even worse..

And then I suddenly realized that I have a blog and believe there are people out there who could understand my dilemma..

The issue is... I lost my right hand thumbnail.. something which has been a part of me since ... i believe...forever!!

I have these long manicured fingernails which I love and have been maintaining them for the past several years...they are clean, long, hard, and most importantly, Real !! And the thumbnails are something which I admire the most.. they are the strongest and my precious jewels.. I somehow prefer long nails because I think they are sexy and kind of classy... it brings out the beauty in girls!!

The very fact that one of these precious nail has broken is making me feel pathetic! Its not that my nails dont break.. they obviously do.. but only if they bang against something or if I purposely chew or cut them. Sitting peacefully in my room only to realize that my nail is breaking isnt something that am used to!

My daily work habits have been affected because of my broken nail.. I know it sound funny but i can't scratch my back properly or scratch off stickers from new purchases, take out leftovers from my mouth or use my nail as a replacement for a sharp tool... though i do have a long left thumbnail but the pleasure is not as much as it is in the right one! Hope u understand my plight!

I miss my broken nail and wish it grows back soon....