Thursday, April 23, 2009


Its been 4 months now I have had the same old routine. Wake up by 7.30, take the first bus to office at 8.30am, change 2 buses, reach by 9.30, work till 7pm, take the return bus, change 2 buses, reach back by 9, have dinner and finally hit the bed!!!!

Yes, that’s the short summary of my life since Jan 2009… Work while studying has been a real tough job… Staying in the hostel, working while others enjoy their last few MBA days… Rushing back to relax while others going out for partying… People around have had actually started pitying me for no work-life balance!

But as always, I am absolutely not complaining!!!

Though I’ve missed freaking out in the last few MBA days, I’ve had my own share of happiness! It was initially tough to handle work with studies, however I’ve been strong enough to cope both of it together! I’m not being boastful of myself but am really proud of the way I have spent these months!

One of the things I specifically liked was the commute time. I was and am still traveling by road for almost 3 hours a day. Its tough changing buses every 20 minutes but as I said, am not complaining!! According to me, this is the most valuable time I spend with myself. Always pre-occupied with work or friends, there is hardly any time to think, feel, analyze, and rethink about my daily actions and its repercussions. It's sometimes hard to remember who you really are when every day you're faced with ordinary life and you're pulled some way or the other by different people in different situations.

Sitting in the bus, I look out at people movements. The pace, anxiety, hardness and the spirit with which everyone moves around encourage my inner strength! This is the moment when my inner-self realizes that there is a lot more to give and take from life. The inner ‘me’ provides the motivation to put that ‘extra effort’ every single day!

Unaffected by the noise around, this is the time I peep in through myself to understand all the good and bad deeds done by me. I realize my actions I have to build on or let go off in order to succeed in every single task. And my inner self gives me the comfort in knowing that simple lessons in the right direction can help clear obstacles in front of you. It becomes easier for me to face my fears, anxieties and insecurities because I give myself the permission and strength to experience these things; it becomes easier for me to act with honesty and openness.

The phenomenon called ‘Observant Learning’, I have also discovered lotta new things about the local culture!! So much to observe, so much to understand and learn especially when one is outside the native city!

My family and friends are continuously pushing me towards taking a place somewhere near my office and avoid long commutes but somehow I have never been able to explain them the goodness behind it. I know I have to shift soon because of the hostel guidelines but I would always cherish the time that I spent with myself!

Would like to end with the a quote:
Self observation is essential to self growth. You must first understand the motives for your own actions in order to understand others’


  1. observant learning is an interesting phenomenon indeed. And where else to practice this but during commutes ! Thats when the world gets moving !!!

    Keep writing !

    And many congratulations to you on the break !!


  2. I like your "I am not complaining" phrase usage after every little brought a smile to my face!..Good going girl!!..Stay motivated!!

  3. Thank you Kavi Sir

    Anupriya… this is the way I‘ve always been!! Remember School days… Keep Smiling!!

    Kaustubh.. Thanks again! :)

  4. Your "I am not complaining" phrase kind of imitates the "Baaki sab theek hai" from hindi movie Border.

    When I was preparing for my engineering exams I used to commute for almost 2-3 hrs. And I didn't enjoy the class that much or even at home but it was the nap in those buses and then people just running for almost anything.

    Enjoy all you can right now before you get a high paid job and then you travel in your ac car with windows rolled up and on conference call all the time.

  5. a real matured writing i must say...hats off partner...

  6. Good to see that you can make good use of ur commute, rather than compaining . Besides if u listen to good music, it simply blanks out the commotion and eases you; (i had spent 10 days of commuting 5 hrs once in my work-ex, trust me on dis one).... heartfelt posts are ur style, and i like it !!

  7. With each clock tick we move forward.

    The little child "observes"all around him and gets accustomed to the actions being done.

    Being observant is a good trait.

    However,at times,we forget that "being observed" is also a near close one.

    Nice thoughts !!