Monday, December 15, 2008


Whenever I pick up a book, I immediately turn a few pages to find those few lines that sum up whom the author deems worthy of honoring. It's such a beautiful, timeless way to thank and bless the person or people in one's life.

Though I don't have a book (maybe someday!), I do have this blog now. And like at the start of every book, I've been thinking about who deserves such a dedication especially with so much of effort being put on my part. Whom would I thank? Whom would I attribute this blog to?
The answer thou came easily….

There can be none other than my parents who have shaped me more than any other so far.
So here is my dedication:

All that I am or ever hope to be,
I owe to my loving parents!

My parents have been the strongest influence on me. But often I leave my appreciation and love unspoken. I take this chance to thank them for the affection and care they showered on me. It is because of their caring and nurturing that I am what I am today.
I owe all my life to them and I pray to God to bless them with good health!

Mom, Dad -- I love you and miss you!


  1. good to see you blogging!!!!....i finally found u as the 4th blogger in siib besides vipul, bedi and me!!.....(pls inform me if any others do exist)

    Truly said, parents are someone who hold on to you even when u dont quite make it......their appreciation might be less heard than others, but their support during tough times is incomparable....i've made it a point to NOTIFY them 'first' if anything good or bad happens to me...that way i feel i strengthen the association between me and them!!

  2. Thanks Katti for pouring your thoughts here...
    I believe even Shri and Bikki are a part of the blog world!
    And as you rightly said, the bond with the parents is forever to stay! Lets promise not to make it 'For Granted'!!!

  3. Hi Sania!
    That was good that you owe this blog and everything else to your parents.
    The only way to acknowledge is by living the values taught by them.