Monday, December 15, 2008

Peer Pressure!!

After putting in much thought because of peer pressure, I finally decided to start a blog of my own. Being an MBA student, it is a disgrace not to be involved in a social networking tool. Just about everywhere we look these days, social networking sites envelope us. As a matter of fact they slowly choke us to death or at least that is how it feels with the burden of having to join this and that site. If you don’t twitter, you are simply not cool these days.

Friends, don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone here or pointing fingers. I am not anti-social but have pretty good reasons for not starting a blog. But today, like on most of other occasions, I am just FOLLOWING THE CROWD....

1. I have hardly any time. Though that’s not true these days but I still have other better things to do: Sleep, watch movies, scratch my head on puzzles, play games etc. Maintaining a blog wouldn’t help me manage my time better.
2. Being an enthusiastic management student, I am a voracious reader but am hardly ever satisfied with the quality of my writing. This habit of mine very often refrains me from publishing my writing. I mean why would you want to publish online something that you don’t even like?
3. If I manage to ever write something that I am satisfied with, wouldn’t I rather give it to a newspaper or magazine? That way the piece would get more publicity and I would get some money.
4. I can talk. I seriously wouldn’t need to write a blog to express myself.
5. The laptop isn’t reliable, at all. The other day, after typing up a whole mail, I accidentally shut it without saving. At least what I write on paper cannot be erased in a single click of the hand. Now, I am typing this thing in Microsoft word and transferring it to the blog- what fun!

Despite the fact that I have a number of reasons why I shouldn’t blog, I like the way my friends put it- a blog is like your email to the world. I’ve come up with a number of topics I’d like to write about. I will write, in the close future. At least I’ll try. If you see a new post on my blog by next week, assume that I had the time and the will. If not, … well, I will write.



  1. so...u writing ha?? gud gud..get a gud topic...atb :)

  2. Hey! Curious to see what you write about. I've been writing for many years now but only recently have I started toying with the idea of writing a public blog or removing the privacy setting on my current one. Let's see if that happens in the near future. Keep writing!

  3. Hey Chetan, thanks for being the first one to comment! I'l try my best in writing about some good and interesting topics!

    Bikki... Writing a public bog seriously requires lot of effort. Im still wondering how have I managed to post two entries! :)
    Keep writing and sharing your posts.. good luck!

  4. Hey.. Well done.. Welcome to the blogging community.. The biggest challenge u'll have is maintaining the blog.. Keep it up

  5. Hi Sania!
    That's the spirit.
    However, following the crowd initially, and thereafter ensure the crowd follows you, I think,is about making all the differnce.
    Do 'what you feel good' rather 'what you makes look good'.
    That's the distinction. My next blog will be on this thought. Thanks and keep writing.

  6. Thanks for posting your comments sir!
    I firmly agree with you and I hope I could make that difference with my blog!
    And now I am keen to read your next post!

    @Sri.. Thnks again..