Thursday, October 23, 2014

For a special Birthday Boy!!

My darling brother,
Today is your birthday, and I wanted to say…Happy Birthday Little brother! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brother, and I am luckier than most because my brother is my best friend!

You have captured everyone’s heart through your amazing blogs on their special days.. thought its time someone captures your heart on your special day. And well, writing is something I have always enjoyed doing but have been procrastinating for some reason or the other.. and you are the one who has always inspired me to write, so thought this was an opportunity to bring my thoughts into words!

The challenge is where do I start?? While I am thinking, some of the memories that strike immediately and brings back a smile are:
1.       Your hatred towards Shah Rukh Khan because I loved him soo much… you copying his open your arms romantic style and showing me that you can do much better!
2.      Me calling u ‘Nonu’ and one fine day you telling me that you have grown up and I better stop calling you that!
3.      Didi and I almost convinced you that you are an ‘Adopted child’ and you cried like hell while demanding from mom the exact truth! ;)
4.      Ensuring we are together every Raksha Bandhan irrespective of which city we were in..

Well, I know I have troubled you a lot, acting like a big bully sister almost all times.. something I still continue to do!! And I know you hated me when I kept lecturing you about one thing or another. At times, I have acted even tougher.. when mom or dad used to get angry at you and all I did was make faces at you behind their backs!! We’ve fought more than we’ve gotten along, but that is because of a simple fact: I fight for you, and sometimes that means fighting with you.

Recently I have been a great fan of your writing…I can’t tell you just how proud I am of you for starting your blog and getting it out to everyone, although sometimes you go overboard and share things not really meant for everyone!

I may not say it often, but you are an amazing brother.  I pray for you to deserve the best the world has to offer..
You deserve a woman, not an immature teenager! You deserve someone who respects you, who respects your past, your present, and respects your idea of a beautiful future but more importantly, someone you can respect yourself!
You deserve friends who will always be there for you. Friends who will celebrate with you through the good times and support through the dark ones!
You deserve a career. Something that gives you great hours, that doesn’t feel like work,. Something that you can brag about years down the line to the extended family, that your future children can be proud to tell their friends about.
You deserve the time to be just you. To find yourself deep in a passion, that will keep you looking forward and strive for more..

You deserve not just one of the above, but all of them and even more. And I really hope that you can go out there and find all of it – because you can have it all – and you deserve it all.

I love you, and I’ll be there for you no matter what. I hope this birthday and this year brings you lots of joy and happiness.


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